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Carnelian & Black Lava Breads Bracelet.

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These bracelets are made by hand with high quality materials and natural gemstones, without dyeing and without modification through any artificial process. Thinking about the importance of wearing a beautiful product that fills both you and your partner with positive energy? This is a fusion of two stones, the Carnelian and the black lava. The Carnelian is the ideal stone to achieve the much desired spiritual balance, due to this it provides happiness, joy for life, and an incomparable frenzy to experience new emotions that allow sharing experiences and love with other people. Its use is fundamental when what we seek is that our relationship remains stable and lasting throughout life , keeping the flame of passion and love burning like in the first days of the relationship. With this bracelet every day will be a completely different and more comforting experience than the previous one. The black lava is known for its qualities of attachment to the earth, it is wonderful to calm emotions. In fact, the quality of fire comes from the soil, so in terms of healing gems, this lends itself to a calming but intense energy. Because it comes from raw energy, it is considered to be a stone that releases layers of emotional attachment.

Black Lava Rock. 8mm, 1 Carnelian 8mm

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