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Hematite & Buddha Breads Man Bracelet.

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These bracelets are made by hand with high quality materials and natural gemstones, without dyeing and without modifying by any artificial process, thinking about the importance of wearing a beautiful product and that fills both you and your partner with positive energy. It is a fusion of two stones the Hematite and the face of Buddha.
 It is said that hematite helps preserve the love you already have; Or, it will help you find your ideal partner. This Quartz helps to protect the human aura against envy and bad vibes, it is very useful to strengthen the courage, the self-esteem, the will, help in the blood circulation, the Buddha's face is very powerful, it is an inspiring symbol of Self improvement, vitality and noble feelings, which motivates us mentally to have good and wise thoughts, is used to attract abundance and wealth. hematite 6mm Woman: 6in
Men: 7in.

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