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Spring in a Box Market

We believe that if we can all spend our time doing things we actually care about, the world will be a better place.

We want to support artist and artisans to follow their passion and focus on their craft when we do the rest for them just go and delight yourself with our  find art, handmade, vintage finds & up-cycle items.



Featured Collections

Spring in a Box

6 Red Medium Preserved Roses Heads.
8 Red Mini Preserved Roses Heads.
Adjustable Bracelet
Adjustable Bracelet With a Cat
Agate Crystal Necklace
Ajustable Bracelet Athenea
Amethyst Gold Filled Necklace
Amethyst Tassel Gold Filled Necklace
Animal Footprint Adjustable Bracelet
Boho Arrows Earrings
Boho Earrings Feather
Bracelet Gold Filled Tubs
Bracelet Tai
Bracelet The Seven Chakras
Bracelet With Cornelian and Turquoise Beads
Cornelian & Turquoise Tassel Necklace
Corydalis Earrings
Dream Catcher Adjustable Bracelet
Dream Catcher Necklace and Cristal Necklace
Earrings "Wings of Svarog"
Earrings Blackorchid
Fabric Birds Garland
Fabric Naughty Kitten Head
Felt Hat Pin Cushion
Felt Heart  With Crochet Flowers